National Police Shooting Championships Registration

NPSC Event Schedule


1. Distinguish Production Match

The Championships will include the new Production Distinguished Match approved by the NRA Board of Directors in January, with competitors able to fire all three Distinguished Program Matches at NPSC.

The Production Distinguished Match uses the NRA National Police Course, the same used for the other Distinguished Matches but using an approved Production Semi-Automatic Pistol.

Production Match 23 and Production Distinguished Match 24 competitors need to remember that your Production Pistol must be on the approved list and that no modifications can be made from the stock pistol. This includes modification and part swap outs done by the original manufacturer.

The Production Distinguished Match will not be part of the President’s Match Aggregate this year.

2. Open Class Optic Matches

After the 2015 National Polcie Shooting Championships the NRA Law Enfocement Assistance Committee established an NPSC Task Force to make competitor based suggestions for any changes competitors felt would improve NPSC and increase participation levels.

Most NPSC Task Force recommendations were implemented in 2016. During it’s deliberations Chairman Bill Allen brought forth the idea to allow competitors to add an optic sight to an Open Class Revolver or Open Class Semi-Automatic Pistol.

The Task Force felt that this may attract past competitors who have challenges using iron sights out to fifty yards and encourage current competitors facing this issue to continue attending NPSC Following the NPSC Task Force’s request there will be special Invitational Matches this year using Open Class Revolvers (Match 70) and Open Class Semi-Automatic Pistols (Match 80) with an attached optic.

There is no limitations on the type or power of optic the competitor wishes to use but all other PPC Rule specifications must be met, including holster and safety requirements.

These matches are an alternative to firing the Sanctioned regular Championship Open Class Matches. As such, competitors cannot fire both regular Championship Open Class Division Matches and Invitational Open Class Optic Matches.

Since these are Invitational Matches and the handguns are not compliant with Police Pistol Combat Rules these are Non-Championship Matches and are not part of Match 6, Match 13, or Match 22, the Open Class 3000 Aggregate.

Optic shooters will fire on the regular Open Class Division Relays but will have different Relay Numbers on their Squadding Tickets.

Saturday September 16th

  • New Mexico Challenge - Introduction to PPC event for resident New Mexico law enforcement officers who are NOT PPC Classified or are Alumni New Mexico Challenge shooters.
  • NPSC Store Opens
  • Glock Armorers School.
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Armorers School.
  • SIG SAUER Armorers School.
  • AR-15 Armorers School by DoubleStar.

Sunday September 17th

  • Statistical Office Opens
  • NPSC Store Open
  • Competitor Check In and Bag Pick Up at 0830
  • NPSC Practice Day. Go to the NPSC Home Page for information and to purchase tickets.
  • Law Enforcement Shotgun Championship Match Begins

Monday September 18th

  • Open Class Division Revolver Championship Relays.
  • Distinguished Revolver Championship Relays.
  • Stock Service Revolver Championship Relays.
  • Law Enforcement Shotgun Championship Relays Continue.
  • Law Enforcement Equipment Expo Opens

Tuesday September 19th

  • Open Class Semi-Automatic Pistol Championship Relays.
  • Distinguished Semi-Automatic Championship.
  • Stock Semi-Automatic Pistol Duty Gun Championship Relays – Competitors can only Register to fire in the Stock Service Semi-Automatic Pistol Championship OR the Production Semi-Automatic Pistol Championship.
  • Competitors Meeting at the NPSC Host Hotel.

Wednesday September 20th – Last Day of the Championships

  • Off Duty Sidearm Championship Relays
  • Open Class Revolver Team Championship Relays.
  • Open Class Semi-Automatic Team Championship Relays.
  • Stock Semi-Automatic Pistol Team Championship Relays – Teams can only Register to fire in the Stock Service Semi-Automatic Pistol Team Championship OR the Production Semi-Automatic Pistol Team Championship.
  • Law Enforcement Shotgun Championship Relays - Last Day.
  • Law Enforcement Equipment Exposition ends at 1400.
  • NPSC Awards Banquet in the Sandia Rooms of the Embassy Suites NPSC Host Hotel Each competitor will be issued one FREE banquet ticket with their competitor packet. You MUST have a ticket to enter the banquet hall. Competitors may purchase additional banquet tickets for $8.00 by going to the Statistical Office beginning Monday September 18th after 1400.

Thursday September 21st - Post Championship Activities

  • The NPSC Awards Office will be open until 1200 for pick-up of Trophies and Prizes not yet claimed.
  • Representatives from Peterson Firearms will be on-site until noon for competitors who were awarded firearms to arrange for transfer and shipment.